You can pause your cultpass as many times as you’d like as long as you do not exhaust the number of pause days available for your pack. 

The number of pause days available for your membership depends on the type of cultpass you buy: 

Membership Packs:

3 months cultpass ELITE

6 months cultpass ELITE  - 60 days

10 months cultpass ELITE  - 90 days (available only in India)

12 months cultpass ELITE  - 90 days

1 month Cult Junior pack - 10 days (available only in India)

2 months Cult Junior pack - 20 days (available only in India)

Please note: If you have received any complimentary extension as part of an offer while buying your cultpass, you only receive pause days for the base cultpass and will not get any additional pause days for the complimentary extension. eg. If you bought a 3 month cultpass with a complimentary 1 month extension, you only get pause days for the 3 month cultpass i.e 30 pause days that can be used through the duration of 4 months

Monthly subscription (available only in India)

Monthly subscription can be paused only twice in a period of 12 months (starting from your subscription start date) for a total pause duration of 30 days. When you pause your subscription, Rs.100 per pause day will be deducted from your upcoming monthly bill. 

For e.g: Your subscription starts on 1st October and renews on 30th October. You pause your pack on 15th October till 15th November then: 

  • On your billing date, 30th October: Rs.100 x 15 days= Rs.1500 will be reduced from your bill and only the remaining amount will be charged
  • Adjustment for remaining 15 pause days in November will be done for 30th November’s bill amount 

If you cancel your subscription and buy a new subscription then the pause limits (2 pauses and 30 days) will be reset for next 12 months (start new subscription start date)

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