As long as you can make it within 5 mins from the session’s start time, you will be able to work out.  We do not encourage members to work out if they arrive more than 5 mins later than the session’s start time. The first 5 mins of the session are the most crucial as the warm-up prevents injuries. Coming in late also disturbs the workout routine for your fellow members. Our center managers help ensure that the workout environment is safe for you. We expect our members to respect this & cooperate. 

If you are well within the cancellation window, please cancel the class so you can avoid a No Show.

However, if you've crossed the cancellation window and you are sure that you will not be able to make it within the first 5 mins of the class, you can also choose to drop out. If another member happens to book this freed up slot, your No Show will be waived off.