Please follow the below steps to set up your smartwatch:


  1. Before setting up make sure that your smartphone and smartwatch are sufficiently charged.
  2. Press the crown control for a few seconds to turn on the smartwatch.
  3. Install the watch app on your phone and fill in your profile info
  4. Allow the following permissions on your watch app: 
    • to access media content and files on your device.
    • to access your location and connect with bluetooth (Make sure your phone’s bluetooth is turned on) 
    • to access notifications (These permissions can be edited in the notification settings later)
  5. Click on option "TO ADD" on the watch app.
  6. Select your smartwatch. After this step, your smartwatch will be connected.  
  7. For audio connection for bluetooth calling, follow the below:
  • Android: Once the smartwatch has been added, you will get a pop up for the Bluetooth audio pairing on your phone shortly. Accept bluetooth pairing request. This can be done manually as well through bluetooth settings.  
  • IOS: To enable bluetooth calling, you will have to add smartwatch audio manually (Beats_Audio or Burn_Audio). This can be done by going to bluetooth settings in your phone and connecting with smartwatch audio.