We find that many Group Class slots are wasted because members often book the class and forget to cancel. 

We feel that this negatively impacts our fitness community including you. We request your co-operation and understanding in this matter to ensure more slots are available to your fellow Cult members.

The policy comes into effect only if you forget to cancel your booking after the cut-off time for more than 2 times in a month. We request your support to cancel your booking in advance so a fellow Cult athlete can work out. Also, if your waitlist is confirmed less than 90 mins before the class start time, you will not be charged a no-show.

We also assure you that while the policy impacts your Cult booking only during the block period, you can still continue your journey in any of our Cult Gyms across your city.

This policy impacts all our members. We will roll out the policy in all the cities in a phased manner and we will communicate the same to you before rollout in your city.