I am traveling, can I pause my subscription?
While you cannot pause a subscription, you can cancel upcoming meals for the days that you will be traveling. Refund for any cancelled meal/s will be adjust... Read More
I just cancelled my upcoming subscription meal by accident. Can I undo it?
No problem. You won’t go hungry. We’ve got you covered! Simply log into your app Go to Home tab Tap My Packs Pick your active subs... Read More
Can I change the address for my subscription deliveries?
Yes, absolutely! As long as the new address is within our serviceable locations, we will deliver your meals to the new address until you change the address ... Read More
Until what time can I undo cancel/cancel my upcoming subscription meal?
You can cancel your meal up to 60 mins before the expected delivery slot. Likewise, you can also undo cancel up to 60 mins before the chosen delivery slot.
Until when can I add extra items to my upcoming subscription meal?
You can add an extra item to your upcoming meal up to 60 mins before your delivery slot.
Will I get a refund if I cancel my upcoming subscription meal? By when will I get the refund?
You will get a refund for every meal you cancel. The amount will be refunded/adjusted at the end of your subscription cycle.
I want to cancel my subscription.
To cancel your subscription, log into your app Go to Home tab From your profile section on top, Go to My Active Packs/Subscriptions ... Read More
I want to opt out of the auto-renewing subscription.
Please reach out to us at, we’ll do it for you.
How do I renew my subscription
If you signed up for an auto-renewing subscription, all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your meals.  If you had turned off the auto-renewal ... Read More
How can I change delivery instructions for my subscription meal?
You can change delivery instructions only up to 60 mins before the delivery slot time. To change delivery instructions for all your meals: From the Home ... Read More