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What are the different types of cultpass ELITE available in cult?
We have a wide range of packs to suit your fitness needs! Cultpass ELITE: You can book as many classes as you like at any center of your choice in the c... Read More
Why should I buy a cultpass ELITE?
The journey towards fitness and health is a continuous and a regular one. A consistent workout schedule will help you achieve your health and fitness goals.... Read More
How is the monthly subscription different from the other cultpass ELITE?
With the monthly subscription, you can now go easy on your pocket and pay every month instead of paying a lump sum amount while buying a pack. Monthly subsc... Read More
What is a cultpass SELECT? How is different from cultpass ELITE?
Cultpass SELECT is available only for selected centers. Here are the features of a cultpass SELECT : It gives you access to ONLY to the cult center yo... Read More
I don’t want to buy a cultpass ELITE. Can I book individual class & pay for them separately?
Can’t commit to a membership? We’ve got something for you too. You can book as many individual sessions as you like through our app or website and pay for e... Read More
I want to buy a cultpass ELITE. How do I do that?
Great decision! Here’s how you can buy your cultpass : From our app/website: Open the Home tab Click on to Cult tab at the bottom  Pick a pack o... Read More
Where can I see the list of centers and gyms where cultpass ELITE is available?
You can see the list of centers where cultpass are available by following the below steps: From the Home tab At the bottom, select cult  Scroll dow... Read More
How can I change the start date of my cultpass?
You can change your pack's start date only if you have already bought a cultpass and haven’t still started using it i.e. haven't attended/missed a... Read More
Can I pause my cultpass ELITE? How do I do it?
cultpass memberships are built to give you the flexibility you need. Each membership pack comes with a fixed number of pause days. Find out more about the n... Read More
For how many days can I pause my cultpass ELITE?
You can pause your cultpass as many times as you’d like as long as you do not exhaust the number of pause days available for your pack.  The number of paus... Read More