About cult

What is cult?
At Cult, we make fitness fun and easy. We have best-in-class trainers & offer group workouts ranging from yoga to Boxing. Our workouts can be done both ... Read More
What kind of workout formats are available at cult?
At cult centers, you’ll find a wide variety of workout formats, such as - Boxing, Dance Fitness, Yoga, S&C, and HRX. These workouts focus on strength... Read More
How is the cult center different from a regular gym?
With our non-conventional training facility, we aim to give you a balanced mix of workouts that will enhance your health while having fun at the same time. ... Read More
Which fitness services does Cult.fit offer?
Cult.fit has services to fulfill all your fitness needs. A quick overview of them below 1. At-center Group classes - This is a unique service offered by... Read More
Can I buy now and start later?
Yes, you can select a different date to start your pack at the time of purchasing the pack.  You can extend this date further even after pack purchase. ... Read More
Which pack should I buy?
Cult offers a variety of all-access passes tailored to your needs. Amongst our fitness options, Cultpass Elite, Pro and At-home are the most popular. In add... Read More