Which gyms will be accessible through cultpass GOLD?
To see the list of gyms that you can access with a cultpass GOLD near you, visit the app, go to the ‘Gym’ tab, scroll down to find ‘Gyms Near’ and ... Read More
Will these gyms have group workouts?
These centres are gyms designed to give you the best gym workout experience. Cult group workouts are not available at these centrs, however your cultpass GO... Read More
What is the difference between gyms and cult centres?
Gyms by are a collection of handpicked full-service gyms which offer a safe space for you to workout using top quality gym equipment under the guid... Read More
What can I expect in a cultpass gym?
At the gyms, you will get : 1) Top quality, well maintained gym equipment 2) Experienced and skilled cult certified trainers 3) A safe environment to ... Read More
What is cultpass GOLD on
The culp membership provides you unlimited access to the multiple premium gyms and centers in your city!