What is ‘Last Minute Dropout’ feature?
We appreciate you cancelling your slot on time (up to 60 mins in advance) as it helps us make your slot available to other members BUT in case something com... Read More
How can I use this feature?
Drop-out of a class from Home tab after the cancellation limit  Get notified when another member uses your slot  When that happens, your no-show wil... Read More
How would I know whether someone else has booked my slot or not?
We will notify you as soon as there is a user who book a slot after you have dropped out. Sooner you drop-out higher are the chances of other member being ... Read More
I dropped out of a class but then I booked it again, will I get a no-show?
If you attend the class then you will not get a no-show but if you miss then 1 day from your membership will be reduced. 
My waitlist get confirmed in the last 90 mins of class and then I dropout, will I get a no-show?
Since it is a last minute confirmation of your waitlist, you will not be getting a no-show for this class. 
There are seats available in a class and I also dropped my slot, now if another member books a slot, will he be booking my dropped out slot or the already available slot?
Since slots were already available in that class, first those slots will get filled. This works on a first come first served basis. Sooner you opt-out high... Read More
I dropped out, but my membership was deducted.
The last minute drop out feature allows you to cancel or opt out of a class even after the class cancellation window expires. This frees up slots for those ... Read More