What is the difference between Guided Recipe and Live Class?
Live sessions are streamed as per set time and can be attended by booking the sessions as per the available schedule. Guided sessions can be accessed at any... Read More
Do I need any preparation before the Live cook-along class?
Before the class, be prepared with ingredients of the dish so that you can cook along with the chef. When you book a Live class the ingredients are detailed... Read More
Can I save my favorite recipes?
You can bookmark your favorite recipes by clicking on the bookmark icon below the recipe. These recipes can be found using the bookmark filter with the Brow... Read More
Can I share a recipe with Friends and Family?
You can share the recipe using the share icon below the recipe video. The share option allows you to share the recipe via Email, SMS, Whatsapp, Twitter, Fac... Read More
Can I search for recipes with specific ingredient(s)?
You can search with recipe name or ingredients from the search option provided above the recipes tab.