Energy meter and Reports

How does the Energy Meter work?
The energy meter will help you understand the effort you put into your workout. Book or join a session on "workout at-home" It requires your devic... Read More
Why do At-home classes require my camera access?
At-home classes are best enjoyed when attended enabling the Energy Meter. The energy meter requires your device’s camera permission to capture all your expl... Read More
How is Energy Score calculated?
The energy score is calculated based on the effort you put in your workout - higher the intensity and the effort you put higher the energy score - it is tha... Read More
Is the Energy Score equivalent to calorie-burn?
Not exactly. Calorie burn is calculated based on various factors like your height, weight, gender, and more. The energy score is based on your range of moti... Read More
How is my session rank calculated?
Your rank is calculated based on your energy score. In At-home classes, you are working out with many other users who are also using the energy meter to mea... Read More
Why do I sometimes see an incorrect Energy Score?
We’re sorry that you’re facing this problem. The energy meter assigns you an energy score based on the effort you put in your workout which is captured with... Read More
How can I see the report of the class I have attended?
Your At-home class report is shown right after you complete the class. You can also access each of your class reports from the "My profile" tab un... Read More
How can I see all my class reports?
At the moment, you can access all your class reports from the "My profile" tab under fitness page.