Booking a session

How should I prepare for my first Online PT class?
Ensure you have good internet connectivity, camera & audio permissions are set. Wear comfortable attire for workout and choose a spot with minimal dist... Read More
How to cancel/reschedule a booked Online PT class?
You can cancel a booked class up to 3 hours before the class begins. Post the cancel window, you will not be able to cancel the class and we won't be a... Read More
How do I book a Online PT class?
Booking a class is super easy! You can book it from the app. Here’s how: Log into the app Click on More option at the bottom, click... Read More
Can I take a trial Online PT session before I decide to buy a membership pack?
Absolutely! You can book an Online PT trial session from our app at a minimal price. How to: Click on more option at the bottom of the app, open the Cul... Read More
How do I mark attendance for my session?
Please ensure you join the session 5 minutes before it starts. This would give you sufficient time to check connectivity and enable camera/audio permissio... Read More
I'm unable to find slots of my trainer, what should I do?
The slots are updated on the app/website as per the trainer's availability. In case you are unable to find the slot it could be because the slot is boo... Read More