Booking A Class

How do I book my classes for my gym?
You do not have to book any classes on the app. You can simply walk in to access the gym facilities or attend any group class in your chosen center. 
Do I need to schedule my visit to cultpass gyms?
You can book a time slot before visiting cultpass gyms. However, it isn’t mandatory. You can visit the gym and check-in directly
How do I check-in to a gym? Is it mandatory?
A unique QR code will be present on the app under the ‘Cult’ tab -> ‘Gym’ section, please scan it on the device present at the reception or entry before ... Read More
Can I go for a trial workout session before buying the membership?What can I expect during a trial session?
Yes, you can book a trial session to explore the offerings. Each user gets 2 trial sessions.(2 trials for gyms and 2 trials for cult group workout) You can... Read More
Can I visit a cultpass gym without booking/scheduling a time slot?
Yes you can visit the gym without booking, however check in before entering is mandatory
What safety measures will be taken at the gym?
Safety of our members and employees are of utmost importance to us. In order to ensure that, we will be taking the following precautions:  Entry checks: ... Read More