Health & Fitness

How do I track my workouts in Sports Mode?
There are 115+ different exercises that can be tracked via Sports Mode for Beats and 60+ different exercises available for Burn Go ... Read More
How do I add goals to the watch?
Open the watch app. Go to the Profile tab. Click on “Goal” & set your step goal.
How do I check my workouts trends with my watch app?
Open the watch app & go to the Today section of the page and get your daily report. To see older workouts, click on the workout type on ... Read More
What is “SpO2” & how does it work?
The SpO2 (Oxygen saturation) is a measurement of how much oxygen your blood is carrying as a percentage of the maximum it could carry.  Tighten your cu... Read More
Why don't I see my heart rate on my smartwatch?
You can see heart rate on your smartwatches provided you are wearing it on your wrist and there is no space between the watch and wrist.
How often does the watch track heart rate?
The watch comes with 24-Hour Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring, Real-Time Heart Rate Detection. You can click on the screen to activate real-time measurement... Read More
How do I know that the sleep data is being tracked?
You can check details of your sleep data in the watch app. Make sure you wear the watch while sleeping in order to track the sleep data. ... Read More
Why does the watch show the step count even when I am not walking?
Your smartwatch is tracking the movement of your wrist, so if you are doing something that requires a lot of hand movement, then your step count can be affe... Read More
Does it have a Pedometer?
Yes, our smartwatches come with an in-built pedometer.
How accurate is the Blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and heart rate data?
Blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and heart rate monitoring are only for reference; the data may not correspond to the medical equipment as this watch is n... Read More