More about the Watch

Does the smartwatch come with multiple colour options?
Yes, our smartwatches come in 3 colours- Black, Blue & Rose Gold.
Does the watch have any shortcuts to see or manage activities?
Yes, our smartwatches have  shortcuts to manage the key things:- Swipe Down- Bluetooth Connectivity, Bluetooth Calling Connect, Do not disturb, Wate... Read More
Can I call directly from my smartwatch?
Yes, you can call from your smartwatch directly. Please follow the below mentioned steps:- Swipe right on your Display. Click on the op... Read More
Can I add quick contacts to the smartwatch ?
You can save up to 7 favorite contacts in your watch app by following the below-mentioned steps: 1. Open your watch app on your ph... Read More
Can I play games on the watch?
Yes, our Beats comes with the pre-installed games.
Does the watch have the Voice Command?
Yes, our smartwatches come with the AI Voice Assistance, which will help you to navigate & give commands.  
Is the watch waterproof?
Yes, our smartwatches have an IP67 rating, which is "dust resistant" and can be "immersed in 1 metre of freshwater for up to 30 mi... Read More
Can we customize the wallpaper on this watch?
Yes, you can change the faces of your smartwatches. Our Burn comes with 180+ prefix watch faces & Beats comes with 8... Read More
What is included in the box along with the watch?
Your smartwatch and a magnetic charging cable 1 yr warranty and 3 months of Cultpass Home subscription. Additional benefits of 3 months of ext... Read More
Can we control the camera shutter button with the watch?
Yes, you can control the camera shutter button with your smartwatch by using an inbuilt “Shutter” option.