More about the Watch

Is smartwatch shockproof?
No, smartwatches are not shockproof and hence, we suggest not to drop it from a height as the watch may get damaged.
Can I adjust the vibration level in smartwatches?
Yes, you can control the vibration in smartwatches. Enter the Main menu & go to “Others”. Select the “Vibration” option & select the “Int... Read More
What is the Bluetooth range of smartwatch?
The Bluetooth range of smartwatch is up to 10 metres.
What is Theatre Mode?
The mode is like a power saving mode, once enabled, the brightness of the watch will be reduced to the minimum and the watch will be on silent, which means ... Read More
What is the use of Find My Phone in my smartwatch & Find Device in watch app?
Both of the options are here to find the connected device, in case the user is unable to find the same:- Find My Phone- Option available in your cult.spo... Read More
Can I change the brightness and duration of the screen timeout?
Yes. The screen brightness and screen timeout can be adjusted in the settings option. Brightness: Settings > Display> Brightness> Adjust Brightn... Read More
Does the watch contain local memory for music storage? Beats has an internal storage of 128 MB, which can support up to 60 songs. Burn does not have internal storage for music. Howev... Read More
How can I use 'Music Control'?
Inside the menu, click on the ‘Player’ icon on the watch to enter into the music control feature.  While listening to music, users can play, pause, mov... Read More
Is it possible to reply to a message from the watch?
No, the watch doesn’t support responding to messages