About Cult Summer camp

What is Cult Summer Camp program?
A summer break program for kids which they can utilize during their summer vacations from schools to spend quality/fun time outdoors playing & learning ... Read More
What age group users are eligible to enroll in Cult Summer Camp?
Users from 5 years (from 5 years 0 days) of age till 15 years (until 15 years 364 days) of age are eligible for enrollment in Cult Summer Camp.
Will it have access to Single sport? If yes, which sport?
Yes, the users will have access to a single sport at their preferred centre and slot for which the user has made the purchase for the Cult Summer Camp. 
Will I be taught by coaches or is it just recreational?
All Cult Summer Camp sessions will be under guidance from certified & experienced coaches which will lead to kids learning sports skills.
What time slots are available? & how long are the time slots?
centreCult Cult Summer Camp would have 1 hour-long slots for any particular sport. The slots can vary for each center. The users can check the available slo... Read More
Will I get fixed time slots?
Yes, the user will get a fixed time slot. The user can select the fixed slot while purchasing the plan. The user has to visit during that particular slot at... Read More
When does it start in my city?
The Cult Summer Camp starts from 1st April in Bangalore & 20th April in Hyderabad. However, a user can make the purchase 1 month before the start date.
What if I skip few days in between?
There is no penalty on skipping a few days within the plan. However, the skipped days won't be compensated in any manner.
How will you ensure safe exit/entry?
Users will be going through Facial Recognition driven attendance system for check-in & check-out to ensure safe entry/exit of kids. ID cards will be iss... Read More
Once purchased, how can I avail the session?
A user has to visit the centre as per the timings selected while purchasing the pack.