Is my purchase refundable?
Unfortunately, our online personal training sessions are not refundable. However, our commitment is to ensure your satisfaction with our service. If you hav... Read More
Can I transfer my sessions to someone else?
Online Personal Training is a non-transferable product. Consultations and services must be utilized within the specified expiry date mentioned in your membe... Read More
Will I have the same trainer if I purchase a PT Pack?
We will assign the same trainer specialised to address the condition as per your membership. However, in case your primary trainer is not available due to a... Read More
How do I book my PT sessions?
You can pre-book your Personal training sessions with your trainer based on the calendar availability and your membership. Additionally, the trainer will be... Read More
What if I get injured during a session?
Your safety is our top priority. Our certified trainers are well-equipped to guide you through exercises safely. In the rare event of an injury, we have pro... Read More
Can I trust the effectiveness of online personal training?
Absolutely! Our online personal training platform is designed to deliver results efficiently. With personalized workout plans, real-time feedback, and conti... Read More
What is the primary focus and scope of the Online Personal Training program?
Our Online Personal Training program is tailored to enhance your overall fitness and well-being. It is important to note that our program is not intended t... Read More
What happens if the PT Sessions are modified/cancelled without notice?
In such cases, we will communicate any changes in advance and provide alternatives as appropriate.
How soon can I start seeing results?
Your journey to fitness is unique, and results may vary based on various factors such as commitment, consistency, and individual differences. However, with ... Read More
Will trainers offer meal plans?
While our trainers are trained in nutrition, they do not directly provide meal plans. However, if you're interested in personalized dietary guidance, we... Read More