Ranger XR

Why is my battery life lower than what is claimed?
The battery life of a watch varies based on how it's used. Features such as continuous heart rate monitoring, Always on Display, Bluetooth calling, and ... Read More
How can I extend my Ranger XR device's battery life?
To prolong the battery life of your device, reduce the brightness level and disable the All-Day Heart Rate measurement and Always On Display (AOD).
Which adapter should I use to charge my Ranger XR?
The watch is designed to be ideally charged with a 5V, 1A rating. Using a fast-charging adapter may harm the watch over time, so it's best to avoid it.
Does the watch sync with any other app?
Yes, it can sync with Google Fit, Apple Health and Strava
Should I sync the data manually from the watch to the smartphone?
The watch automatically syncs the data with the phone when the watch is connected to the Cult watch app.
Does Ranger XR show notifications from social networking apps?
Yes, the Ranger XR supports notifications from social networking apps such as WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, FB Messenger, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube... Read More
Can I read incoming messages on Ranger XR or will I only receive message notifications?
Upon connecting your Ranger XR with the app, you'll receive notifications for new messages. You can read these messages as soon as you are notified, and... Read More
How can I receive caller information from Ranger XR?
You can see the caller information and messages on your smartwatch as long as the watch is synced with the Cult watch app and is within BT range.
How do I track my heart rate with my Ranger XR?
The Ranger XR has the capability to measure heart rate both manually and automatically. You can monitor your heart rate using the Cult watch app.
Why don't I see my heart rate on my Ranger XR?
You can see your heart rate on your Ranger XR provided you are wearing it on your wrist and there is no space between the watch and wrist. For detailed anal... Read More