Ranger XR1

Is Ranger XR1 Shockproof?
Yes, the Ranger XR1 watch is shockproof.
Is Ranger XR1 water-resistant?
Yes, the Ranger XR1 comes with an IP68, dust, and splash-proof rating
Can Ranger XR1 be used while swimming?
Wearing the watch while swimming is not recommended, as prolonged exposure to water could lead to potential damage.
Does Ranger XR1 have a find my phone option?
Yes, the Ranger XR1 has a find my phone option which can be found by swiping down from the home screen and selecting find my phone. However, this will only... Read More
Can I use my earphones/earbuds/headphones simultaneously with my Ranger XR1 watch?
Yes, both earphones/earbuds/headphones and Ranger XR1 can be paired with your smartphone at the same time.
What are the accessories included with Ranger XR1?
Ranger XR1 comes with one user manual, warranty card, and magnetic charging cable.
What is the Bluetooth range of Ranger XR1?
The Bluetooth range of Ranger XR1 is 10 metres
Does the Ranger XR1 allow users to accept or reject calls, and does it display the caller's name?
Yes, Ranger XR1 comes with a BT calling feature. You can accept and reject calls, call from a dial pad, access recent call logs, and save up to 10 contacts ... Read More
Can we control and play music from Ranger XR1 watch?
The Ranger XR1 includes a remote music control function that allows you to manage the music played on your phone. This feature enables you to play or pause ... Read More
Is it mandatory for me to keep my Ranger XR1 always connected to my phone?
No, it is not compulsory to keep your smartwatch connected to your smartphone at all times. While some features, like notifications, Bluetooth calling, and ... Read More