We have a wide range of packs to suit your fitness needs!

Cultpass ELITE: You can book as many classes as you like at any center of your choice in the city. However, you can prebook only 4 classes at any given point in time. The moment you finish one class, you get the option to book another class. 

We have 3 month, 6 month & 12 month cultpass.

Our new centers have launch offers where you’ll be able to book classes only for that center.

Buddy pack:  Get a buddy to sign up along with you, because we all need a friend to push us!

Each of your memberships will be unique & you can book classes separately too! (Subject to availability)

Cultpass SELECT (Available only in India): Cultpass SELECT is available only for selected centers. It gives you access to ONLY the Cult center selected by you at the time of purchase. This pack does NOT give access to mind.fit and cult Outdoor centers. 

Monthly Subscription(Available only in India):  Monthly membership gives you unlimited classes anytime at any cult.fit or mind.fit center with the added benefit of paying monthly for your membership. (Subject to availability) 

To find out more about memberships & pricing you can check our website