Welcome to the world of flexibility! With a cultpass ELITE you can now get

  • Free access to any center in the city
  • Free access to cult.fit centers
  • Upto 5 free  cult.fit classes in another city
  • Access to a large variety of workouts

Upgrading your pack is very simple. All you need to do is 

  • Head on to the pack page and click on the Upgrade option in the toolkit
  • Tap Upgrade to 
  • Select the preferred center and confirm 
  • Pay the upgrade charges 

That's all! Your cultpass SELECT will now be converted to a cultpass ELITE for the remainder of your pack duration. Your remaining pause days membership days get carried over to the upgraded pack.

To upgrade your cultpass SELECT to a cultpass ELITE in a different city, you will need to transfer the pack to a different city via the app.