1. This program focuses on 4 main elements to ensure that everyone reaches their weight loss goal in a super-efficient way.

    1) Nutrition

    Each one of you will be assigned a nutritionist a week before the program kickstarts. The nutritionist will then check in with you every week to discuss what’s working/what’s not and alter your plan accordingly. Your nutritionist will also ask you to share your meals on a daily basis via WhatsApp to keep you on track.

    2) Fitness Coach

    You will have one fitness throughout the 6 weeks of the program who will conduct your group workouts, correct your posture, check in your progress and build your base. All of our workouts are designed to help you lose weight and are different from a regular cult session. I’ve also included a ton of fun group activities and games to the program so there’s never a dull day!

    But that’s not all. We’ve designed online workouts and step challenges to keep you active and consistent even on days you don’t have an in-center session.

    3) Workshops & maintenance plans 

    The program includes 5 online workshops every Saturday, led by our master trainers & experts on Nutrition, Mindfulness, Movements, Dance & Yoga. After the bootcamp is over, each of you will be given a comprehensive & easy-to-follow maintenance plan to help you retain the weight you lost during these 6 weeks.

    4) Community

    Every Bootcamp batch will be conducted with a small group of people, all of whom have a goal similar to yours & are willing to give it their all. This also means that you get to go on a transformative journey with them by your side, getting inspired and inspiring each other in turn. We’ll also keep you all connected over a WhatsApp group where you can push one other to hit your goals!