Referral Programme

What’s the referral program?
It’s a way to spread the love among your friends and family and get them aboard the fitness wave! It's an incentive program for selected cult.f... Read More
What is Fitcash?
Fitcash is simply reward points that can be redeemed during any purchase on the app/website. 1 unit of Fitcash is equivalent to a 1 INR discount. T... Read More
Who can be referred?
Only the friends who haven't done any of the following are eligible to be referred. Attended class (including trial classes) Consum... Read More
Who is eligible to refer?
Only selected user profiles on can refer. For example - Cult members and loyal eat users can refer others.
How can I check if I am eligible to refer a friend?
On the latest version of app - tap on your profile and select Refer a Friend option! 
How many friends can I refer? Is there any referral limit?
For now, only 10 friends can be referred successfully. Your referral link will stop working after this and you won't receive referral benefits anymore.
What happens to all my friends who have already accepted my referral invite before I exhaust my referral limit?
All those who have already accepted the referral invite successfully will still get 25% off up to Rs 1000 on their 1st purchase within 15 days of accepting ... Read More
I haven’t referred 10 friends successfully yet. Still, my link stopped working. How?
We want our users to refer close friends and family. If we suspect the link is being broadcasted or is listed on some deal site or misused in any form- we m... Read More
What happens if my referral link gets leaked and starts getting misused?
Please reach out to us from the support section on app (Profile -> Help & Support) . Or you can write to us at if you suspect your lin... Read More
I accepted my friend's referral invite. Why is the discount not showing up on the checkout page?
The referral discount is applied only on your first purchase from In case you have taken a trial session, you will not be able to receive the r... Read More