Fitcash (available only in India)

What is Fitcash?
Fitcash is simply - reward points that can be redeemed during any purchase on the app/website. 1 unit of Fitcash is equivalent to a Re. 1 discount.... Read More
How can I use Fitcash?
If you are logged in on the app/website - Fitcash is available during checkout. Pro Tip: If your order value is equal to or lesser than your Fitca... Read More
Can I use Fitcash on other e-commerce websites?
Nope! Fitcash is a discount that can be applied only on the website or app.
Can I decide to not use Fitcash?
Yes. You can uncheck Fitcash during checkout to not use it for a certain order.
Can I decide how much to pay for an order via Fitcash?
No. If you decide to use Fitcash, it will be used up to the order value or Fitcash balance, whichever is lower.
Can I use Fitcash along with other payment methods?
Yes. If you decide to use Fitcash and the order value is higher than the total Fitcash balance, you can pay the remaining amount via any other regular payme... Read More
What if I cancel an order where I used Fitcash?
Fitcash used on such a cancelled order will be instantly credited back to your account. If you have additionally made payments used regular payment... Read More
Can I add money to Fitcash?
Not at the moment. Stay tuned for more updates!
How can I check Fitcash balance?
Login to app or website, go to your account and click on Fitcash.
Can Fitcash expire?
Yes. Fitcash expires upon completion 3 years from the date of issuance.