How can I book a play session?
Booking a class is super easy! You can book it from the app. Here’s how: From the app Log into the app From the Home tab, ta... Read More
Why do I need to book my slot in advance?
Since the number of members who can play in the slots is limited and pre-defined, bookings need to be made in advance. This is done to ensure a comfortable ... Read More
Why am I not able to book my preferred slot?
It might be because the slot is full or unavailable due to an unexpected closure. In case a slot is canceled from Cult Play's end, we ensure to send out... Read More
What is the slot duration?
Each slot duration is 50 minutes.
When are the Cult Play facilities closed?
We keep one day off ( usually Monday ) for the facilities for the maintenance. Facilities remain closed on National Holidays as well. 
How can I Reschedule/Cancel the session?
Cult Play app currently does not support the rescheduling of booked slots. In case the user wants to book a different slot, the existing booking should be c... Read More
How many bookings can I do in a day?
There is no limit on the number of slots that you can book in a day, although a member can only have a max of 3 active bookings at a time.
How do I get a confirmed slot on daily basis?
Cult Play does not promise for a confirmed slot. User needs to book slot on daily basis through the app from the available slots
Can I get more complimentary trials?
Cult Play does not have a policy to provide addtional trials. Please raise a support query if you could not complete trial due to Cult Play issue.
I am a fitso user, how do I book a sport session on app?
Booking a class is super easy! You can book it from the app. If you are stuck anywhere or need any support, please do feel free to write at hello@c... Read More