How is the attendance marked at the center
Attendance is marked using a Facial recognition-based (FR) system at the facility.
Why do we have a Facial Recognition at center
Facial recognition-based attendance (FR) system helps track the customer visiting the facility along with the time of their entry to validate checks for app... Read More
What is a No Show Penalty
In case a member books and does not turn up at the center, one day is deducted from his/her membership and it is called a No Show penalty.
What is a Late Entry Penalty
In case a member book and arrives later than 15 mins from the session start time, one day is deducted from his/her membership due to Late Entry.
Why does Cult Play have a penalty system
No show leads to issues like booking unavailability and vaccant slots in rush hours depriving other members of the opportunity to play. Late entry disrupts ... Read More
What shall I do after reaching the facility post booking
When you reach the Cult Play facility as per your booking time, you should mark your attendance via the facial- recognition (FR) system before attending you... Read More
How can I remove the penalty ?
A session has to be either canceled 30 minutes prior to the slot start time or attended on time to avoid the penalty. Penalties once charged can not be remo... Read More