Membership Support

How do I raise a support request
Cult Play members can use the following steps to raise a support request: Login to Cult App> Go to Profile Section> Click on Support> > Mention ... Read More
Is there a number to call to raise a support query
Cult support does not have an inbound call system. Membership support requests or inquiries can be raised directly from the app's support section. The s... Read More
How can I change the preferred center
Cult Pass Play allows you to access all the centers in your city. Hence, there is no need to change the preferred center. For academy memberships, you can r... Read More
How can I check my plan expiry date on the app
Go to Profile by clicking the top left icon on the homepage > click 'active memberships'.
How can I change my email address
You can change the email from the app, go to profile, click on account , contact details and update your email.
How can I change my contact number
You can reach out to the support team and raise a support ticket in case the contact number mapped to your account details is incorrect.
Does Cult Play have a Referral Policy
Yes, Cult Play has a Referral Policy. Please the Refer and Earn section in the Profiles section.
What is a referral Policy
Please refer to the Refer and Earn section by going to Profiles - Refer and Earn
How can I change my plan start date
Start date can be extended to 15 days from the actual start date as a one time gesture