What is LIFT?
A goal oriented program, focussed on improving strength & performance for specific movements Specific time bound program
Who is this for?
Advanced strength users / Super users - Ideally users who have attended minimum 2 S&C/HRX sessions a week for 6 consecutive weeks Members who want ... Read More
How is LIFT different from S&C/HRX classes?
The S&C/ HRX classes are designed in a way where we train the entire body for Strength & conditioning and Hypertrophy (muscle building) respectively... Read More
What happens during the duration of the program?:
Total of 12 sessions spread over 6 weekends (including pre & post 1 RM testing) Each session is 90 mins (75-90 mins workout + 15 mins interaction) ... Read More
Do I need to attend both sessions on weekends?
Yes, as the entire focus is to increase performance both days will have carry over to the compound lifts. This has been proven with our previous Lift partic... Read More
What should I do on other days?
We will guide you through the entire 6 week program week by week. Suggestions for GX classes and workouts in the gym will be suggested. Trainers will recomm... Read More
What if I cannot attend for a few days in between?
First, we expect you to attend all the sessions for tangible results, but if due to unavoidable circumstances you can not attend, we will provide you with t... Read More
Can I do other sessions on days I do lift classes?
LIFT sessions are specifically designed to uplift your lifting potential and can not be alternated with any other sessions. Doing additional sessions on the... Read More
How can I interact with Trainers?
You will be added to a community group where additional resources will be sent. There you can interact with trainers and members of the center
Can I register if I have an injury?
Yes, one can register and take this program unless one is currently undergoing medical rehabilitation. If you have any past history as such, keep your train... Read More