Fit Mama

What is the goal of this program?
This program aims to help every new / old mama start or restart their fitness or exercise routine The program will help you fix your diastasis recti or ab... Read More
How long is the program?
You will choose the workout your body needs. If you need to fix your abdomen separation, you will first work on that. If you need to strengthen your core an... Read More
Is this program safe while breastfeeding?
Yes, absolutely safe. Keep in mind that relaxin, a hormone that increases ligament laxity and can make you more prone to injury during this phase. Be very m... Read More
How many days a week to workout?
The whole program is self paced. But to see great results, 4-5 times a week is very important.
What equipment will I need?
Here is the list of equipments you will need: Workout Mat - LINK Small Ball or cushion - LINK Resistance Band - LINK Yoga Block - LINK
What else do I need to do while I am doing this program?
Walking - as much as you can as walking is the best fat burner there is.
More questions ?
Please email .