Just started out on your health journey and want to keep track of every healthy thing you do? cult.fit points help you keep track of the number of healthy activities you do!

 For each activity including sleep, walked steps, cult/mind.fit classes, eat.fit meals & DIY sessions you will earn one or more points.

This will help you understand which activity will help you fetch most points:

Cult class - 2 points for each class 

mind.fit class - 2 points for each class

At home, do it yourself workout - 1 point for each workout video completed 

At home, do it yourself meditation - 1 point for each meditation session completed 

Meals - 1 point for meals consumed within a breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner time slot. There is cap of 1 points for every meal slot i.e. lunch, breakfast, snacks & dinner. This is further capped at 4 points in a day

Sleep  7-9 hrs - 1 point for getting the right amount of sleep

At home recipes - 1 point for every recipe you watch on the app. 

Greater than 10000 steps walked per day - 1 point for each time you crossed 10K steps in a given day

To check how many points you have, from the Profile section got to Account > Level / Points