Points, Levels & Streaks

What are points? How can I earn points?
Just started out on your health journey and want to keep track of every healthy thing you do? cult.fit points help you keep track of the number of healthy a... Read More
How can I level up?
Each activity you do will fetch you points. As you gather points, your score goes up. This score is calculated as the sum of all points collected over the l... Read More
What benefits do I get as I advance a level?
Depending on the level you unlock, you can avail several benefits. To know more about the benefits at each level, go over to the cult.fit app, Tap the banne... Read More
What is a streak?
Habit is formed when you do the same activity everyday without fail. A streak is a term that tells you for how many consecutive days you did the activity. Yo... Read More
What are badges?
Badges are a way of rewarding every milestone you achieve in your journey towards a fitter you! These badges recognize both consistency (no of continuous day... Read More
How do I share my badge on Social Media?
You’ve earned it! And you should definitely flaunt it. To share your badge, go over to the cult.fit app, tap the banner on top of the home screen which indi... Read More
I workout regularly, but my points are not increasing. Why?
The points are calculated for a period of the last 30 days activity on a rolling window. Every day you progress to a new day, one day from the previous mont... Read More