What is cultbike?
cultbike is a smart fitness startup which is first of its kind in India. The main product of cultbike is a stationary spin cycle which comes with an attache... Read More
What is the cost of the bike?
The bike is priced at INR 49,900. 
Can I purchase the bike with cult fitcash?
No, you cannot purchase the bike with fitcash.
What is the maximum weight it can hold up to?
The bike can hold up to 150kgs of weight.
What is the height range for the bike?
Users between 5.0 ft. - 6.2 ft. can use the product.
What is the weight and dimensions of the bike?
The gross weight of the bike is 65Kgs and the dimensions are 4ft in length and 2ft in width.
What are the screen specifications?
The screen is 21.5". It comes with an Android OS with 2GB RAM, inbuilt speakers and 16GB storage.
Do I need cycling shoes to use the Bike?
The bike has dual pedals. You can use spinning cleats as well as normal joggers while spinning.
Does the Bike have speakers? Can I use headphones?
The bike does come with inbuilt speakers. You can connect your headphones via Bluetooth.
Can I use my heart rate monitor with the Bike?
Currently, we do not offer HRM on the bike. However, it will be incorporated in the coming months.